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Appeal Link Is Unavailable - Manual Review?

There was malicious activity on a new website of mine and since it has been taken care of. I deleted the content in question that was flagged as 'phishing' and I submitted the site again. For the re-evaluation it was flagged again for phishing, although the listed content (directories and files) had been removed.  A cached version of the page was used for the re-evaluation evidently, as I was ftp'ed into my host to verify the said content was gone.


As it's been pointed out in other threads, the appeal link for website safe goes to a broken page. I would like my site manually reviewed so get rid of this flag please. I would appreciate it greatly if someone could advise me how to get this started if this is not the place for such a request. 




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Re: Appeal Link Is Unavailable - Manual Review?

Hi Draklems, and welcome!

I've notified the Safe Web Team about your request.  Please give them a few days' time to get back to you here in your thread, which however I also asked to be moved to the Norton Toolbar/Identity Safe Board. A link to it will be left here so that you won't lose sight of it.


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Re: Appeal Link Is Unavailable - Manual Review?

Hi Draklems,

We have manually analyzed your site 'littlerockgrooming.com' and found it to be clean so we have changed its rating to green.




Re: Appeal Link Is Unavailable - Manual Review?

Thank you!

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