Apple Mobile Device Support cannot be updated by Norton


”Apple Mobile Device Support” cannot be updated by Norton as written on this page.

”Apple Software Update” of Aplle official updater cannot update either.

But after reinstalling itunes and icloud this got updated.

I don't think Apple Mobile Device Support is an urgent update.

Apple staff thinks this will be fixed in the next major update.

Notifications like this update are intrusive.

Moreover, Norton 360 cannot update for this notification.

No matter how low the risk is displayed, users will be concerned.

However, if users exclude such applications from checking for updates, they will be in trouble if they really need an update.

Anyway, don't list updates that Norton 360 can't update.

Norton 360

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Re: Apple Mobile Device Support cannot be updated by Norton

The Software Updater feature in 360 is still a work in progress. Many users here just disable this feature and look after software updates themselves.