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Application is flagged as a high risk SONAR.Heuristic.142


Some background so my point of view is understood:  My company develops software and we recently released an application to our customers.  Customers that have Norton Internet Security installed are reporting that the application is being seen as a high risk virus by Norton.  We are able to reproduce the same results.

The application is flagged as a SONAR.Heuristic.142.  We have attempted to troubleshoot the problem by making sure that all of the .EXE and .dll files are properly digitally signed by our valid Comodo signing certificate but the problem still persists.  I am aware of the white-list submission but have not completed that process yet.  This application is under development and actively being updated every couple of weeks and I do not see constant submission for white-listing as a viable solution.  I suspect that popularity of the application and thus its 'Norton reputation' have some play in what is happening here.

Is there a solution to this problem other than submitting to the white-list every time we update the application?  Or do we need to have more installed instances of our product(s) before they are trusted by Norton?  Is there an option to become a trusted software vendor by Norton/Symantec so this kind of problem does not occur?

Advice is appreciated.




Re: Application is flagged as a high risk SONAR.Heuristic.142

Hi, brogan. I've asked Symantec for some input.

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Re: Application is flagged as a high risk SONAR.Heuristic.142

Hi @brogan,

I've sent you a Private Message requesting more information, Please check it when you get a chance.

Mohanakrishnan G | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation

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