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April 2 Update from Norton Family Team

Earlier today, we released updates to the Norton Family, primarily for Mac users and those using Firefox.

They include fixes for the following known issues:

Fixes for PC and Mac: 


“My child is using Firefox v20 for both the Windows and Mac computers in our home –why can't I see his web activity and why is Norton Family not blocking those web sites?”

Fixes for Mac:


“When using the Firefox browser, I cannot see that my child searched for Hulu or Ebay.”

“Safe Search supervision is not working for Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube. My kids can see those inappropriate search results”

“Video monitoring is not supported for Hulu.com.”

“I didn’t get a notification email when my child attempts log in to Norton Family but had the wrong password more than once.”

“I didn’t get a notification email or alert when my child tries to delete Norton Family client system files.”

“I didn't get a notification email or alert when my child tries to kill a Norton Family user process.”

“My Safari extension is not updated when I try to overinstall a newer version.”

Please continue to stay in touch through this forum and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Thank you,

Norton Family Team

Thanks Katie