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are all parents gay?

1. according to Norton Family all parents are gay since there is only a MALE avatar. For children there are boys and girls so why not for parents

2. I sent an invitation prior to this post and instead of adding my wife to my family, she got her own family. When i sent the invite again, I first did not receive ANY message and the 2nd attempt I was informed that she was part of another family. 

This kind of working shows that this site was made by American gay lovers that believe families only consist of parents and children. The fact of divorce (and thus having a single child shared between families) is not an option. How hard can this be. I only have 1 daughter, but suppose the next option, which is common in Belgium and other free thinking countries

- I have 2 children with wife 1

- Have 1 child with wife 2

how can I manage the 2 childrens safety form my 1st wife? do I realy need to create a new login and password just to manage my children? do I need to setup 1 account with 3 parents (or more)???? And then I am not even talking about legal guardians getting involved. They sure as hell don't get my passwords.

all of this is based on a single thing: COMMON SENSE and AGREEMENTS!!!! For all I care there are multiple sets of rules, based on the deviced the child accesses in the different families, but I think that ALL parents should be made aware of what sites my child visits. Suppose I let my child watch porn with me, but my ex does not allow this. Shouldn't she know my policy just as much as I need to know hers. This would make things less complex because children get 1 set of rules instead of multiple. All of this is made impossible by the fact that a person can only be part of a single family.



Re: are all parents gay?

1. OK first the Norton Family team does not think all parents are gay. There are several choices for avatars, including female and male looking ones, however you also have the choice to upload your own photo.

the avatars for parentsor choose your own photo
2. For your second issue, we allow any number of parents to be part of the family. Just click add parent. You can add anyone you wish to be able to view the details as well the ability to see the settings for each child. So to your very specific question, yes you can have multiple parents with multiple children regardless of how you define your family. Each parent has their own Norton Account login and they will be part of the same family as far as your children are concerned.

If you have any more specific questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Matt Boucher
Sr. Director of Engineering
Cloud Services / Norton Family

Symantec Corporation
Office: 781-530-2368
Mobile: 603-566-5848
Email: matt_boucher@symantec.com

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