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This forum thread needs a solution.

Are the current versions of Identity Safe listed somewhere?

I know that when a new version of the Identity Safe Add-ons for the various browsers is released a new post is added to this forum. But is there a single place that lists the current versions of the add-ons so users don't have to dig through the forum looking for the most recent post announcing the new release?

I currently have the following versions of the ID Safe add-on:

  1. Firefox: 2016.6.0.66
  2. IE 2105.6.0.79



Re: Are the current versions of Identity Safe listed somewhere?

Hello tngordo

You can Subscribe to this section of the Forum and receive en email every time there is an addition to it. You will then be able to come to the Forum to the proper section of it and see the latest updates.


This should be what you are looking for.


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