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This forum thread needs a solution.

Are these important Norton files?

I have a dozen or so files similar to this: C:\Users\Public\Downloads\Norton\{N360203122-SHPD-FSD33017}  and they are taking Gigs of memory.

Are these important? Can they be deleted? If not, can I moved them to my D: drive which is a lot bigger than my SSD C: drive?

Thank you

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Re: Are these important Norton files?

FWIW ~ my C:\Users\User\Public\PublicDownloads\Norton is empty.  
I'll delete em' after awhile, when I remember.


Re: Are these important Norton files?

Yes, They are IMPORTANT.

If you saved & named your Norton PRODUCT Download Manager, when you ran it, it's a duplicate in that folder you found, otherwise it's the original with the default NortonName when you clicked run. The NDM got the contents. There will be some ".exe" files. The most important one is the product installer/remover/re-installer/initializer.(with or without integrated protection folder contents if it's a protection product ). Another will be the protection folder contents if it wasn't integrated. Maybe a ".dll" file or other file(s) that the installer uses or some file(s) that the download manager used, 

Multiple folders you found are from installations of Norton products or the same product at different times with a newer NDM Older versions on back-up could be purged, or not, your choice.

Keep an outboard copy of that folder for quicker re-installs.

of the original installation of your product. Or, for Initializing pre-Updating more recent protection definition files/folders from an outboard/back-up copy. This saves: your time and your network-utilization cost of a new download of the product. A gig of traffic on dial-up is over 60 hours which is over 20% of my monthly time.

Patches may also be delivered by LiveUpdate after that process

  • depending on the age of the back-up
  • and what folders were backed up from the operation system side/drive of your computer.



Re: Are these important Norton files?

They are not taking up memory. They are taking up hard drive space. If you are running out of hard drive space then try uninstalling any program you do not need and also run disk clean up. 

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