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Ask.com mobile gone; please create search widget?

Ok so check this out. Norton Security has a Norton Toolbar; it allows a feature called "Safe Search" interestingly enough when you do a search its powered by Ask.com

Ask.com was available on Google Play Store; but ask.com just shut down their mobile app on June 30th 2015. I can use the browser version but I do not. I also do not want to use Google's Search for various reason.

So if a desktop version of Norton Security allows a "Search" feature, can't there be a mobile search widget too? (or am I not seeing it correctly)




Re: Ask.com mobile gone; please create search widget?

Mobile products are challenged by the amount of available memory on mobile devices. That is why you may see only a few features in a mobile product, and the same/similar product on a PC might have much more features because there generally is no problem with memory limits on PCs.

This might be a good suggestion for the Product Suggestions board https://community.norton.com/forums/product-suggestions

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: Ask.com mobile gone; please create search widget?

With NMS there is a web protection feature under Android.

Quoting the App

"Turn on Web Protection to block fraudulent sites on Android browsers, Chrome, Chrome Beta Opera and Firefox.  (Web Protection needs a stable network connection to work effectively).    

You can continue to a blocked site if you think that the site is safe.  The sites will be unblocked for 30 minutes."


Does that answer your question?


Re: Ask.com mobile gone; please create search widget?

peterweb:  thank you! yes I should go submit my 'product suggestions'

"andmike" : I did read what you wrote. unfortunately that wasn't what I was going for.

I actually prefer not to use Google search for any internet searchings. I've always been accustomed to Norton on the Desktop and utilize the safe search and noticed its powered by ask.com and then when I learned about Googles way of keeping your search history I decided to choose a different provider.........ask.com

Google play store had a widget called "Ask.com" I could easily add the widget to my homescreen on smartphone tap it, type what I want and it gave me search results.

So I was hoping for a widget powered by Norton seeing as the mobile ask.com widget went away as of June 30th :)

But aside from that yes, I actually do have "Web Protection Enabled' both in Norton and defaulted with my Verizon Support and Protection

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