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Asking for a renewal despite not needing one


I recently reset my computer, deleting all my programs and files. I put everything I wanted to keep on an external hard drive but forgot to put Norton on it so now I've lost Norton. I tried to reinstall it but every time I open the setup it tells me "Norton 360 doesn't work on this version of Windows". This then told me to go onto a setup website and log into my account. Upon doing so I was told my subscription had expired despite the fact it hadn't and now I can't install Norton. Does anyone know what to do?


P.S I'm running on Windows 10



Re: Asking for a renewal despite not needing one


Upgrading to Norton Security would benefit you. How many more days was left in your subscription? It shows expired on your account when you login? You can backup files and folders to an external hard drive but not programs.


Re: Asking for a renewal despite not needing one


If I were you, I would run Norton Remove and Reinstall tool instead if you've reset your computer.

Please note that:

you will be able to reactivate your current subscription and retain all of the days you have remaining.

 You will not lose any subscription as long as you are installing on the same hardware (as well).

If you are installing on the same physical machine you were using before the restore, you should have just gone to your Norton Account  https://account.norton.com  and click on the yellow Download button beside your current subscription.

Even though, please note this:

when you restore your computer, you may find that you have a trial version of another product already installed. That other product will have to be removed fist [first] before you can attempt to get back your premier (Norton software). Please make sure you use the add/remove first and then use the removal tool from the other company to thoroughly remove that other product first and then reboot your computer.

All in all,

As long as you have a current subscription and have a valid product key, Norton will recognise it. 

You do not have to worry about anything re your product key. 

For more help, plz chat w/ official Norton Support here.

And, please remember to post back if this or any other comment solves your problem. Thanks...

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