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Attempts to force a move to cloud based ID Safe Vault

To whom it may concern,

With all this push for cloud ID Safe Vaults has anyone really truly thought about why someone would want a Local Vault instead of the cloud?  For starters, there is the issue of privacy as nothing stored in the cloud is truly kept private as encryption standards can and are broken.  What about the family that shares a computer and only one member has a Norton Account?  I for one have no intention of sharing my Norton Account credentials with my entire household just so they can create an insecure cloud ID Safe.  Furthermore, what about the individual who has a local vault so that they may store information such as employer/corporate login credentials so that they may avoid potential job costing typos? I have said it before and I'll say it again the cloud is nothing more than dummy terminal computing plan and simple. When items are stored locally the end user can say exactly what they did to protect their data but items stored in the cloud means you are 100% dependent on the word of whomever owns that server; for me that's just not good enough.  Thinking logically - business models change, board personnel change as do company presidents and CEOs. As such you are totally subject to the whims of whomever is in charge of that cloud server service. Another fact of life to be strongly considered is those who may have been victims of Identity theft - They Will Never Trust A Remote Service Of Any Kind!  Cloud based services have there place but so to do the local options don't attempt to force either one out of it's place. 

It doesn't matter what company it is when a company takes choice away from it's clients/customers you are telling your clients/customers that you do not trust nor respect them to do what is best for themselves. Let's keep great products great after all they are great for a reason so let's keep that reason; shall we?

Thanks, for reading my point of view,



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Re: Attempts to force a move to cloud based ID Safe Vault

Hi Tech83,

You are pretty much preaching to the choir.  Many of users (Guru's included) have posted in Product Suggestions in regards to returning the Local Vault ( https://fr.community.norton.com/en/forums/please-return-local-vault ) and some even previous to that one.  Norton does not seem to hear users requests - what else is new?   I totally agree with your assessment in your last paragraph.

FWIW, You can set up any number of Norton Accounts - there is no limit - you must use different email addresses (as user names) and passwords fro each one.  I guess the pws could be the same,  but how secure is that?  With multiple Norton Accounts, each user could have their own Norton Account and their own Cloud Vault.  Basically the same as it is with each Windows User Account being able to have it's own Local Vault.

Thanks for your feedback.  You may desire to post it in Forum Feedback as well.

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