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Authenticator gone from phone

My Google authenticator app disappeared from my phone. I did not delete it. Are the accounts that I had protected with 2FA in danger?

I assume the only thing I can do is reinstall the authenticator app and go each account and reset the 2FA to the new authenticator app.

Can I protect the authenticator app from being removed or stolen again. I do have a lock code on my phone.

Can Norton track what happened to my authenticator app in any way?



Re: Authenticator gone from phone

What device and Android version are you using?

Are you sure the app was removed? Or did the icon just get removed from the home page(s)?  Try swiping up on the home page to see the list of all installed apps to see if it is still there. Or look in Android Settings > App to see if it is still listed.

Norton cannot track what apps might get uninstalled. 

To protect your apps from getting removed, you could try the Norton App Lock app.    Install that app and lock the Android Settings. That will help prevent any app from being removed.

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