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Auto fill

Not sure what category this goes under so I'll pick one and hope it is right. If not, please let me know.

I just purchased an HP Spectre 12" laptop with Win 10 and having many problems.

I installed NIS 360 on it and everything is there, including my vault w/all web sites and log-in information for them. My settings are to auto fill log-in info. However, when I go to any site/item requiring a user ID and password, NIS does not enter that info automatically like it does on my desktop w/Win 7 or my other laptop w/Win 8. I have to manually enter that info.

Why doesn't NIS enter the ID/pw info automatically?

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Accepted Solution

Re: Auto fill

Apparently, NIS doesn't want to work with Win10 and IE. I've been using Chrome and it does the job.


Re: Auto fill


Did you make IE the default browser in Win 10? Did you remove the trial security software using the vendor's removal tool?


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Re: Auto fill

Thanks floplot for your response.

No I didn't make IE default. 1st experience with Win 10 and not sure on anything. NIS now working. Did the removal and reinstall.

Have to look @ what my settings are after downloading NIS.

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