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Auto-Protect files -status not fixed

When I do a support session on my NORTON 360, this comes up. "Checking Auto-Protect Files Status not fixed with a little red X"

 I talked to symantec about this in December and they said everything is ok as long as all the screens are green. Anyone else have this problem. Everything else seems ok on my computer.

The symantec support person said this happens when the server is busy.  Well It happens everytime I check the support feature.

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Re: Auto-Protect files -status not fixed

I have seen this on earlier versions of 360.  Are you running V3 or V2?  You might upgrade to V3.  I have had to open the user interface and reclose it to get it to reset, since the backup drive is not always available.  You might need to download the new virus signatures from the support site and run the intellegent updater manually to fix the problem.  This should fix the problem.

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