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This forum thread needs a solution.

Auto Protect Won't "Fix" ?

norton tells me a virgin "product" (digital media home support 2.1.27 and service manager 3.7.47 to be exact) is "not compatable" with the norton 360 product & that I must uninstall it .. fine, but, I have uninstalled it .. it's gone / no longer on computer etc so I cannot uninstall it again (and as virgin have sold me off to talktalk I can't get it back again either) -so- am i protected or, as norton keeps telling, am i not protected ? (and i have already used the norton removal tool to take out & re put in my norton 360 so please don't suggest that !) .. this has nothing to do with windows upgrade as I have not opted to install W10

HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

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Re: Auto Protect Won't "Fix" ?

Hi, k foster. What is your operating system ? If Windows 8, it needs to be fully shut down for Norton to correctly update, and Fast Start should also be disabled.



Windows 10 Home X 64

Re: Auto Protect Won't "Fix" ?

appreciate gettin a reply - managed to (kind of ?) sort it by using a different restore point, which has convinced Norton the Virgin things are no more !!

successfully reinstalled Norton360, only odd thing is, before all this I had "orange & black" logo norton pages but now I seem to have gone back to the green / white ones from 2 years ago ??? (it seems less user friendly than the version that's gone missing )

cheers & thanks x


Re: Auto Protect Won't "Fix" ?

Norton 360 v22.5.2.15 has green / white dashboard.
Norton 360 v21.7.0.11 has orange / black dashboard. 
Norton Security v22.x features and enhancements were folded into N360 v21.x and in the folding the user interface changed.

Please see: Norton Product Update for Windows 10 Compatibility and My Norton product looks different  and Get Ready For Some Big Updates!

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