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This forum thread needs a solution.

Auto-Renew fiasco

Apparently in March of 2016 (3/23/2016) the person I purchased my computer from set up Norton on it - in my name.  Due to a software glitch between Norton's anti-virus and several music programs I use I removed it...or at least I thought I did.  Anyhow it did not work on my computer so I did not use it and do not have a reason to keep it.  However, I received an email saying my product had been renewed and my account charged.  What?  After attempting to chat with someone at Norton who insisted that because I should have received an email saying the product was due to be renewed I should just pay them even though I didn't want the product I called Norton.  Got the same exact run around on the phone.   Finally after being verbally beaten up for about 20 minutes I got someone to say they would refund the amount.  But they then continued to berate me for wanting a refund for a product I didn't use...even telling me he was looking at my computer and the product was being used even though it was not.

So I finally receive an email saying the refund had been issued.  An hour later I receive another email saying they were charging me.  What?  This is a blatant ripoff.  In any business if a customer says they no longer want your product or service you cancel them. No questions asked.   Nevermind the fact the email says this service expires on March 23, 2017 and today is only March 3, 2017 so they're already trying to get paid 20 days before they should.  I am disgusted with this company.  And I'm still waiting to see if they're going to charge me again after issuing a refund.  What a horrible way to do business.



Re: Auto-Renew fiasco


Did you use the Norton Removal Tool to remove your Norton product? Did you also have the Antivirus program installed that you like to use at the same time?

Please check your Norton Account. Under Billing, please turn off Auto-Renewal and remove your credit card information. That way they can't bill you again.

I hope you contacted the Official Norton Support. If you need to contact them again, you can use this link.


I am going to try and get a Symantec Employee to try and help you out. It's the weekend now, so it may not be until some time during the week until they might contact  you in this thread or by a private mail. Private Mails come into the Forum through the Inbox with a picture of a little envelop on the upper right hand side..


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Re: Auto-Renew fiasco

Thank you for your help.  I really hope this gets resolved quickly.  


Re: Auto-Renew fiasco

Hello @kf,

I'd like to help get this resolved. I've left you a Private Mail, accessible from the forum "Inbox", to gather some more information.



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