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Auto renewal, and now forced enrolement.

Norton has been INFAMOUS for decades, for having the WORST auto renewal system in the history of companies.
I have NEVER given them my card or my card information, under simple and blatant fear of an unwanted forced renewal, at 4x the price I can get it from the store.

I have supported the PRODUCT, but not the company  for  the better part of 10 years.

I have just bough another year,   another subscription,   and another product,    from the store (at 20% of what their auto renewal is)
and it is going to FORCE me to opt in to a auto renewal, and provide them my credentials.   For absolutely no reason at all.

Claiming I can cancel later?   claiming I can delete that information?
I will tell you where they can shove their auto renewal,    in the same place they can shove their forced enrollment.
Never again.  I did not buy it in store,   to  opt into a known problem after I got home.

It is BOUGHT AND PAID  FOR.   You Do not need my credit card.



Re: Auto renewal, and now forced enrolement.

Thank you everybody for trying to help. All of your suggestions led me to the same place, "go to Norton.com/enroll", and none would let me just enter my product key. I called customer support, gave the agent my product key, and he renewed my subscription. According to the agent, the policies have not changed and I should not have to enroll if I purchased a product key from a third party.

This could be a bug/oversight in the setup and renewal process, but it's really inconvenient and I can't recommend Norton to friends and family at this point. Hopefully this will get addressed before my subscription ends in a year.


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Re: Auto renewal, and now forced enrolement.

After  filling out all the "credentials" required to enroll, activating my account.
turning off auto renewal.
Deleting credentials.

It still took  "norton" staff,   nearly 30 min  to get it to uninstall  norton security, and  to get 360 to load.

Props to the customer service,   good as always,   but every year I buy a new product, and every year,  shenanigans.

I don;t know why they can't figure out how to simply add keys,  products subscriptions.    They should just employ me to show them a common sense approach.  That won't make people hate them.

Great product,
Great customer service.

But   the renewal,  the installation,   the installation, the enrollment just feels bad.


Re: Auto renewal, and now forced enrolement.

Users may submit their concerns thru Norton Feedback & Product Suggestions

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Re: Auto renewal, and now forced enrolement.

I’ve been using Norton for a couple decades at home and work. Do not like this auto renewal scheme and will be dropping Norton once the existing service expires. Windows Security plus a third party VPN is free and a solid alternative. Its been great.