Auto renewal opt out = lost business

Have used Norton for over 10 years, it's probably the longest relationship I've had (sad I know), for the most part it's worked great. But, sick & tired of big businesses dictating TOS. Forced auto-renewal subscription on installation, set up or purchase is an [Removed] design in the worst that only serves to give said business any benefit & is potentially against the law in my country. I have no bills, services or utilities that are paid for on a yearly auto-paid basis. None. Not my insurance, not vehicle registration, none of my other bills, utilities etc you name it. And any that do provide auto-renewal as a service, don't require it as an OPT-OUT service afterwards, it's opt[ ]i[o]n[al].

Every year it costs me less to buy this product manually from whatever provider sells it, than it does to let the auto-subscription pay it. This year there's at least $50 difference between buying it from my local shop vs letting auto-renewal kick in. Only once has the auto renewal done it's thing, & I was not happy about it. That's not convenient, as I have to manually [Removed] design. Your business doesn't sell anything that a huge hassle to just uproot & change, it's not like an ISP, not like changing banks, not like changing phones, not like moving house. It's not even an OS.

And then there's the product offering on the website for my country vs what's actually available from local shops. The fact that I can buy the better version of the product that covers more devices at a lower price is monumental lunacy at its finest.

So what your forced UPFRONT renewal subscription has done, has made at least this consumer look at other options, & will most likely not be coming back.

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