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Auto Renewal without our knowledge

THis is a reoccuring problem I have with Norton. I turn off auto renew every year, because they don't give the returning customers the best deal possible. Somehow during the cycle of the subscription, the live update turns on the auto renewal and if you are unaware, you will be charged the exorbitant rate, compared to what you can purchase it for online, to auto renew.

Here's an example: I get an email saying it's time to auto renew for $89.99. I go online and find that I can get the came product for $49.99. Even worse, I go on the chat for support and they offer it to me for $39.99. Then I ask about a two year subscrition and am told it would be $99.99. Then I ask, how about $79.99. To which they reply, I'm not authorized to do that, but for you we will make an exception. The only thing different than a used car salesman is that I don't get a cup of coffee and don't have to sign anything in triplicate...

This isn't the first time this has happenedand Symnatec will just keep fleecing everyone till they are aware of whatI perceive to be deceptive practices. Just give the satisfied customers of your product the best price you can and stop underhandedly switching auto renew, to raise your profit margin. That's on the backs of those who trust you most, the returning customers.

There I'm done with my rant.



Re: Auto Renewal without our knowledge

Hello CI Wise Give support a chat. I am sure they can make the necessary adjustments. http://norton.com/chat

Happy Holidays,


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Re: Auto Renewal without our knowledge

Next time you go into your Norton Account to turn off Auto Renewal, also delete your billing information from the account. That way there is no way you can be charged.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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