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Autofill Data Not Recognized on Some Websites

I have noticed that when I attempt to sign in to some sites I can see that the ID and password has been filled in but the site does not recognized it. I have to manually fill in the information. This seems to be on financial sites that have recently updated their website. I have reported several sites numerous times to Norton but to no avail. Am I missing something easy?



Re: Autofill Data Not Recognized on Some Websites

It's been happening to me since late summer.  Have reported sites multiple times and no response.  Tried Facebook messaging Norton and at least got a response but so far, no solution.  They asked me just yesterday to Liveupdate my Norton but it didn't fix anything.  Problem seems to be getting worse with more and more sites affected now.  Happens on both Chrome (my primary browser) and Edge.  Did have some sites that wouldn't work on either of those work fine on IE but I don't use that on my primary computer.

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