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AUTOIT3 hidden in torrent file? RAT?

I use torrents. Today I had a unique experience (for me) with a file that caused Norton to warn of intrusion attempts. Here is what happened:-

01) I recently downloaded a .torrent file - 100 Assorted Magazines - July 09-2019.torrent

02) I downloaded the content of the .torrent file - it was automatically moved to a "temporary" location on an external HDD

03) Today I got around to looking at the content

04) Most unusually it turned out to be a compressed .rar file - 100 Assorted Magazines - July 09-2019 (True PDF).rar

05) Using WinZip I opened the .rar file

06) Even MORE unusual it contained a .exe file - Z-100 Assorted Mgazines.exe Size= 1,278,976

07) I extracted the .exe file to a sub-folder

08) The folder contained only the .exe file

09) I ran the .exe file and 60 magazines appeared in the folder (NOT the 100 as advertised)

10) Within a couple of minutes Norton started issuing messages of intrusion attempts related to AUTOIT3.EXE

11) I closed everything and ran NPE as suggested. It only showed the usual 5 programs that I like but Norton doesn't :-)

12) An internet search showed i) AUTOIT is an OK program BUT ii) it has been related to *RAT* attacks

13) All seems to be quiet and running OK now.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with a .torrent file in recent days? It is the first time anything like this has happened in my torrenting pastime. Compressed files are a rarity these days so I was a little wary before I started opening files.

I look forward to hearing from you :-) I'm off to see if I can find out who uploaded this!



Re: AUTOIT3 hidden in torrent file? RAT?

Torrent files can be loaded with malicious content. Especially when they contain copyrighted material. Movies, books, magazines. Sometimes the copyright holders have even been known to share false files.

The good news for you, is that Norton detected something amiss in your download and protected your system. This time.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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