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Automatic Daily Backup

Can I set Norton to automatically do a backup every day?

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Accepted Solution

Re: Automatic Daily Backup

Hello SpaldingDonuts,

The recommended setting, 'Automatic' will do just that for you.

You may have already noticed that there is no backup schedule option labeled 'Daily'. 

By selecting 'Automatic (Recommended)' your Norton product will run a backup each day when your computer is idle. Should the backup be interrupted, it will resume the backup at the next idle period until successful.

Unfortunately, you are not able to select the time of the backup, but by having the program run when your computer is idle assures that the resources needed for backup do not impact the user experience.

Does that help to answer your question?  Let me know.

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Re: Automatic Daily Backup

Is Norton Backup part of a different product? I have the Norton  internet security product and am seeking best practice to back-up desktop PC and would love to drop the backup files in my DropBox. Any sound advice truly appreciated.  

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