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Automatic incasso

I have Norton fo many years.
Norton for 5 devices and also Norton Wifi privacy.
The product works well.
There is one thing,
My product stands on automatic incasso.
But when i call to Norton and ask, what do i have to pay next time, the awnser is (I dont Know)
Thats grazy.
Take a look over here : https://nl.trustpilot.com/review/www.norton.com
I have 100 days left, but when i paid more then new users, thats a good reason for me to stop whith all Norton products.
In the last years, I renew my product whith support from Norton (in the Netherlands)
Also Norton Netherland think the same like me about this case.



Re: Automatic incasso

Hello Andreas

Instead of buying your Norton products directly from Norton, shop around in stores and reliable online sites. They will most likely have the products cheaper than Norton will sell them for. If you have Automatic Renewal on, then turn it off. Use the Norton Security product line. They are newer than NIS or N360.

Have a Good Night and


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