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This forum thread needs a solution.

Automatic subscription extension very expensive

Every year I receive the extension email for Norton Internet Security for the automatic extension for which I registered in order that I do not end up without protection unexpectedly.

Assuming everything is inline with the past, normally I don't check in detail.

This year, by coincidence, I noticed that the price has gone up from 39,99Euro to 69,99Euro. The email, however, merely stated that the price of 69,99 Euro and that this "may" have changed from the year before. There are no details, in particular, no mention of the actual enormous increase and no motivation why the price has increased by so much. It seems unreal to me.

To help me decide what to do:

1. Does anyone know why the price has increased by so much?

2. Has the product changed to justify this increase in price?

3. Does anyone consider this practice of raising the price by almost 100% normal without pointing this out to the infinite subscriber?

Many thanks in advance.



Re: Automatic subscription extension very expensive



presuming you're running legacy Norton Internet Security and not new Norton Security.
Please chat with Official Norton Support.  Ask Support to transition you to new Norton Security.
Ask Support for best price. 
Chat with Official Norton Support  -or- Call Official Norton Support 

Legacy Norton is only available thru direct norton.com renewal.  
New Norton Security is available thru reputable vendors. 

Shop around for new Norton Security. 
Cancel automatic renewal & remove payment info.   

Frequently asked questions about Norton renewal and new product purchases.
1) Note: New subscription clock begins when your purchase is completed for online payments, (or otherwise, when your payment is received).  See FAQ and *Important pricing terms, offer details and disclosures, bottom of page: http://us.norton.com/
2) As soon as 'renewal' is purchased, the additional subscription time is added to the existing time. The customer doesn't need to enter a key or anything, the current key just gets updated.

3) A 'new' subscription purchase - where you buy a new key to enter into the product - will NOT add the subscription time to the existing/remaining time.
If you're purchasing on Norton.com, your subscription clock starts at purchase. Otherwise, the subscription clock starts at activation.
Norton product key or renewal code.

What is Norton Virus Protection Promise


Re: Automatic subscription extension very expensive

A very simple answer..............Shop around. I bought Norton Security 5 user license for only $19.99 on Amazon. 

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