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Autoprotect off - fix does not work - error code - I got it fixed, I think...

How to fix Auto-Protect off - evidently... as of July 14th at 11:58 am EST... is to NOT do what Norton offers up at the website support and go to CHAT NOW and have a Norton Tech fix it.

Here's what happened to me:

Like others here, I had the same problem that last couple of weeks with Auto-Protect off.

I followed correctly and did several times the recommendations at Norton online support (NRnR, etc.)

Not a lasting fix!  Problem back in an hour or a day or two!!!

SO, I gave up and went to Norton > Support > Chat Now!!  Wait time said 40 minutes!!! (OMG!)

But, then...  WOW!!  After only 5 MINUTES I got help -- (So, don't let the estimated chat window time keep you from hanging online for a chance to chat!)

I was asked to let the support tech connect with my computer and I was given a connection and pin code so he could remotely control my computer.  This process had a very short learning curve for me.  Vijay quickly clicked here and there in my Norton files and then advised he wanted to reboot - that we would disconnect, but be re-connected immediately after the reboot.

My computer rebooted and my desktop password login box appeared.  I typed in my password (because the support tech does not know my password) and IMMEDIATELY the support tech was back clicking here and there for another 45 seconds.  My Norton icon down in the tray come up with a green check mark!!  Yeah!  Hate that red X!!

The tech said I was all fixed and ready to go!

I said, "I have gotten this far before, but in an hour or a day or so, it happens again!  Do you think you fixed it permanently?"  He said, Yes!  (thank you, thank you). 

He said there were "corrupted files" in my Norton program files that the remove and reinstall tool would not get rid off and so the Auto-Protect off would just keep coming back!!!

HOPEFULLY!!  After two weeks of this - Norton is getting close to an update fix that works!! and doesn't happen again!  Please, Please!



Re: Autoprotect off - fix does not work - error code - I got it fixed, I think...

The tech said I was all fixed and ready to go!

Let us know how Norton behaves going forward

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