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This forum thread needs a solution.

Auto=Protect not being fixed

I went to my Norton Security a couple of days ago, and saw a message that I was at risk, with the 'Security' icon in red. When I clicked 'Fix now', a screen came up saying it was fixing Auto=Protect.

A few seconds later, it came and said 'Not fixed'.

I don't like the idea of not having my Norton program working.

Any ideas on what's wrong and what can be done?



Re: Auto=Protect not being fixed

Hi, Allan. What is your operating system ?  If Win 10, it needs to be restarted for Norton to correctly operate.

If that doesn't help, then a reinstall using the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool might be worth trying, as it will give you a fresh copy.


If used, please run Live Update manually restarting when requested after the reinstall until no more are found, and then RESTART again.

Let us know how you go.

Windows 10 Home X 64 Norton Security Premium Current

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