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AV Def Updates

Sounds stupid I know, but how do you know that you actually have your av def updates? How does the fact that there is some spy/malware that can change your security settings influence your security status? By that I mean can some spy/malware mess with your product to make it look like you have updates, but in reality the product is turned off/or not updated?

Use Norton Antivirus 2008 with Windows Vista



Re: AV Def Updates

2008 has this feature called "Norton Product Tamper Protection", also known as "SymProtect Tamper Protection". It prevents malware and users from modifying all essential Norton related services, processes, files, and registry entries. As for malware that can mess with your product, specfically Norton, that has yet to be made. Norton will warn you if your updates are out-of-date.

I would recommend upgrading to 2009, as it is immune from malware, starting from installation, because it does not use Microsoft Installer, which was blamed for a lot of Norton's past inefficencies and redundancies. Instead, it uses a propierty installer that cannot be blocked by malware, unlinke MSI files. 


Re: AV Def Updates

If you Open your Norton AntiVirus 2008 and click on "Norton AntiVirus" tab and click on "Settings", Protection Updates should displayed, e.g. 29/10/2008. 

If you have Norton AntiVirus 2006 to Norton AntiVirus 2008, you can Upgrade to Norton AntiVirus 2009 for free to use your Remaining Days of your Norton AntiVirus 2006 to 2008 Subscription; likewise with Norton Internet Security 2006 to 2009.  If you do Upgrade to Norton AntiVirus 2009, remember to use Windows' Firewall or any other Firewall as Norton AntiVirus 2008 and Earlier has the Firewall.  If you wish to Upgrade, follow the instructions below.


Upgrading instructions for Norton 2006 Products and Later:

01. Select your Product and Version, from the Web Link (above).

02. Save the Download on your Desktop.

03. Save your Product Key (www.mynortonaccount.com).

04. Dis-connect from the Internet.

05. Go to Add/Remove.

06. Locate "Norton Internet Security (Symantec Corporation)" and click on "Remove".

07. Follow the instrctions and, when asked to, re-start your computer.

08. Locate to Add/Remove upon start-up.

09. Click on LiveUpdate and "Remove" and any other LiveUpdate.

10. If requested, re-start your computer.

11. Double-click on the Saved N.I.S./N.AV. File on your Desktop.

12. Follow the instructions.

13. Open Norton Internet Security or Norton AntiVirus and "Run [Norton] LiveUpdate" manually.

14. It is now Safe to Connect to the Internet again.

15. If you notice things not running right with N.I.S. 2009/N.AV. 2009, it may be a bug; please Post them here [in the Forum].

16. If you have Other Norton Products, then you can re-install LiveUpdate, or, if you have Used the N.R.T., you can re-install your Other Norton Product(s); if you do not have the Disc, then you can re-download it via the Trailware. Norton SystemWorks users have had a "Patch" Released so that Updates are received through Norton LiveUpdate, i.e. your Norton Internet Security 2009 Product.

17. If you have problems un-installing/installing, then use the Norton Removal Tool.

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