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Awkward experience with Norton Twitter Support

I wish to share my latest experience with Norton Twitter Support which I've honestly found quite awkward and annoying. It was almost like talking to an artificial intelligence but with a backward technology like 2000s. It took over 20 days without a conclusion.

I was planning to let go but when I was asked for further information today, I got literally mad :)

I'm sure they are all qualified people who are expert at what they do but I dont know, is there a problem in task sharing or collaboration? I just wonder so I came here to learn.

I tried to detail my conversation below but you can also read it from:

conversation cascaded: https://twitter.com/vmrnss/status/941406893599330304

screenshots combined: https://imgur.com/a/9jCRv


I encountered a problem in which the Norton Identity Safe Android App got stuck in “Loading” when clicked on Agree & Launch at the very beginning. I checked regional play store comments and saw that the problem was being experienced by almost anyone. So I reported this to Norton Support Twitter on December 14th.

(screenshot #1) I was instructed to clear data and cache which i already did including reinstalling.

(screenshot #2) I was instructed to try it on wifi, which i already did.

(screenshot #3) I was instructed to provide device/software details & location etc.

(screenshot #4) I was instructed to clear data and cache ONCE MORE.

(screenshot #4) I was instructed to provide device/software details ONCE MORE.

During the time I by myself found the cause of the bug (on December 19th). There is no Turkish translation for the app so the app was previously redirecting to English version. I found out that this redirection was broken and All Turkish (maybe other *ish’es as well) users (that means who has Turkish as the default phone language) were waiting forever in the loading page. [I was pretty sure about it because the app started working once I set the phone language as English]

(screenshot #4) I told them I found the cause on December 19th.

(screenshot #5) They didn’t seem to understand so i explained further...

They told me they’ll check it and get back. They didn’t get back for 2 weeks until January 2nd.

Although my Twitter conversation became a pain in a**, turns out some Norton guy read it and fixed the bug and the redirecting started working well.

(screenshot #5) But then they got back and told me to clear data and cache for the 3rd time; UNBELIVEABLE. After i reported the exact cause of the bug and probably had it resolved!

(screenshot #5) I asked if they read the previous conversation at all, adding that it was already fixed and explained the cause ONCE MORE.

(screenshot #6) Even if i told it was fixed, i was still told it was being checked and finally today (january 8th) i was asked for more info.

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Re: Awkward experience with Norton Twitter Support

That definitely sounds like a very frustrating process you have been through.

In the twitter conversation, you mention changing the language from Turkish to English allows the app to function. Did you have the app working in Turkish before you reported this issue? Do your other Norton apps work OK in Turkish?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Awkward experience with Norton Twitter Support

Yes it was working before while phone language was set to Turkish. The problem started all of a sudden (on mid-November according to play store comments) and went away without any app update or so. I think the problem was on web server configurations thus didn't require app update for fixing.

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