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Back-up Disc fills up

I have just recently (a couple of months ago) started using the Norton 360 Backup facility, I used the Windows version until then.

As a result of a different issue I have just removed and reinstalled Norton 360, (See "Settings Button" thread.) when I came to check and reset all the settings I found my 1TB backup hard drive had just 1.22MB free space!

There are a few other things on there, 370GB.  There was a huge file for N360 Backup, obviously almost 630GB.

I have deleted the whole backup file and set Norton to create a new backup file. The file size now it is completed is 59.8GB.

Any ideas why Norton just seems to keep sticking more and more stuff in there?  Surely it is smart enough to track what is deleted and what is new and keep pace.

Any advice on how to stop this file eating my whole external drive greatly appreciated.



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Re: Back-up Disc fills up

I've found that it doesn't delete/remove files from the backup which were deleted from the computer. In case you delete something by mistake I suppose, then you can restore it.

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