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Back up files

Is it possible to find individual files.  I'm looking for some specific files, but the  names of the backup files are so long and weird.  Do I have to go through each one to figure out what it is?  And then when I find it, how do I access it?  and put it back with the original program?  

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Re: Back up files

Hey Camping Girl,

If you are running Windows 7, you can find your backup images via Start-> Control Panel-> System and Security-> Backup and Restore -> Manage space-> View backups. All your backup images will be listed there. But if you want to restore individual files, it seems hard to realize with Windows tools. I backup files frequently, and it is good habit. I once restored individual backup files to one of my programs with the help of backup software. It  detected my backup images automatically when I opened it. I selected Selective Files Restore, and it popped up a window to let me choose the destination restore path. It is easy and free. I hope this could help you out. 

Kind Regards.


Re: Back up files

Hi Camping Girl.

First let me say that I think that Ingrid91's response relates to backups run with Windows (Microsoft) software and does  not work for Norton backups.

I assume that you were using Norton for the backup, it might be helpful to know exactly which Norton product you are using.  I also assume that you still have Norton installed on your current machine.

If you open Windows Explorer (File Explorer) and select "This Machine" it should list all the drives attached to your machine.  One of these should be the "Norton Backup Drive" (which is a virtual drive but don't worry about that).  Double click on the Norton Backup Drive and it should open to show a list of all the Norton backups that you have and are currently visible from the machine in question (so your physical backup drive needs to be attached to the machine and you need internet access if any of your backups are on the Norton servers).  You can double click on any of these backup sets to browse through them as you would use Windows Explorer to look at the files on your C: drive, there is also a search option though this can be slow.

Once you have found the file(s) you want you can right click on it and ask to have it/them restored either to their original location or to a new one.

I hope that helps.  If you would like any further explanation just say so.

Good luck.


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