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Back ups are never complete for Windows 10

I find that recently the backups I try to do to NOBU for my two laptops running Windows 10 are never complete.  There are always files that do not get backed up.  The one desktop I have with Windows 7 does not have this problem.  I have removed computers and added them back.  I have deleted files on the computers.  I have selected just certain files.  Nothing works. I still get a message that some files were not backed up.  And that is after I actually get the back up to run - another whole issue.

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Re: Back ups are never complete for Windows 10

Are you able to determine what files or file types are not getting backed up?

And to confirm. Are you using the standalone Norton Online Backup, or are you using the backup feature of Norton Security Premium?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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