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Backing up

I keep getting warnings from Norton that I haven't performed a backup and my files are at risk. 

I have always backed up all my C disk files and folders to an external disk, and I continue to do that regularly but I keep getting warnings.  I see that my files are located on Microsoft's Cloud OneDrive/Personal (I never asked for this).  I don't mind having an additional backup on a cloud but I want my files on my local drive and my backup on an external D disk. 

Can someone explain what I have to do? 

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Re: Backing up

If you are getting files backed up to Microsoft's One Drive, that has nothing to do with Norton. Something else is moving those files.

If you have not set up a Norton 360 backup set, and you do not want to use Norton's backup feature, from your 360 interface, click on Settings. Then in the Quick Controls section on the right, uncheck Backup, and Backup Overlays. That should stop the messages about no backups being done.