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This forum thread needs a solution.


In Norton360, how Do I do a backup for the newly-added files (which I do not keep track off), without backing up the whole documents/files previously backed-up. Thanks!



Re: Backup

Hello goldentut

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I am going to request that this thread be moved to the Backup Forum. Thanks.


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Re: Backup

Hi goldentut.

Provided that the new or amended files come within the definition of your backup set, re-running that backup set will just add the new or changed files to the backup.  The first backup naturally has to backup everything defined by the backup set, thereafter Norton backups are designed to just add the changes.

So if your backup set is defined as including everything in your "Documents" then anything added to "Documents", or changed within it, will be included in the next backup.  What is not changed will not be processed as it is already backed up.

Which is what I hope you wanted to hear.  

You can always set up a small test backup set with just a few files to check out that this works or just try running the backup again after adding or changing one file.  That should prove the issue for you.


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