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Backup and restore - Backup missing some .TAX files


I recently restored backup files onto my user's new desktop from her old desktop.  After the restore, I noticed that some Turbo Tax files were not there.  I had the My Documents selected so all documents should've been there. I ran the back up set recently before i bought the new machine and well after she had finished her 2022 taxes.

The .TAX files from 2019-2022 were not there, maybe 2018 was missing too.  I also noticed that the backup sets do not recognize all as financial documents, only the older ones.  When i filtered by $documents, not all tax files were there and some were were just there as regular documents, but there were none from 2018 forward. So something did not work.  Who do i need to talk with there because this has caused me and my mom a lot of stress. It costs a lot of money to retrieve files from a pc. That pc only partially boots now so it costs more to get the data.  That is why i got her a new machine.  I ran the backup back when it was working.  I think there is an issue with recent Turbo Tax files getting recognized.  i pay for the backup and dont feel like paying someone else a lot of money to get these files.  If i select My Documents, it should backup all documents and it didnt.