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Backup doesn't see my second internal hard drive as a destination

I noticed a couple weeks ago that my backup wasn't working...so when I looked at the backup destination the drive was (F:) which would have been fine...my second hard drive was (F:) ...Only something happened and now (F:) is a small FAT partition of (C:) and the old (F:) is now (E:)....(note: I think this might have happened after installing an old version of Roxio which I haven't used since I updated and got two new bigger hard drives)

Anyway... when I try to change backup destination to (E:) it doesn't even see the drive. It only sees online storage as an option.

Also, I tried to do a restore on my system to see if (E:) would go back to (F:) and the restore fails. I read somewhere that Norton will cause that. So I tried disabling autoprotect and restoring in safe mode...still won't restore. 

I can deal with the new drive set up but I want to be able to backup using Norton.

Thanks in advance for any help...


PS.  also need help with ... ccSVC host not responding ....when shutting down my system. I'm sure it's coming from Norton.