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Backup Drive Full

I am using Norton Security With Backup. I am using a 5tb drive as my backup drive. That 5tb drive is full even though the drive I'm backing up is less than 1tb. I'm assuming that a full backup is happening each time instead of an incremental one. I am only using one backup set.

How do you delete previous backups, and is there a way for Norton to automatically make space on the backup drive? 

This product is useless if I have to manually delete backup files every few days.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: Backup Drive Full

Hi Ron Shapiro.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

Sorry you are having problems and sorry that I have been so slow in responding but I have been away for a while.

It looks as if you are suffering from what appears to be an occasional but recurring problem with Norton backup where sometimes, for no reason I can work out, what should be an incremental backup runs a complete new backup and adds it to the old file.  If this happens a few times the file can grow to disk killing size.

The only solution I know of is to completely delete the oversized backup and start again.  If you only have one backup set it will leave you at risk until you can run a new set but the risk should be small.  If you have some other external drive that you could use temporarily you might try running a backup set to that to cover the time that you will be cleaning down the old set and running a new one to the main backup drive.

Because of this issue I always run two identical backup sets.  When all is going well the time they take to run the incremental backup causes no problems.  However if one or other starts to grow inappropriately then I can delete it always protected by the other.  You might like to consider such a scheme in future.

I hope the above if of some use to you.  If you would like any further advice then please ask.

All the best.


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