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This forum thread needs a solution.

Backup Issues

I am backing a 2TG hard drive with 287MG used to 2TG local drive on a USB port.  The only thing the only thing the USB drive is used for is this backup.  Yet the USB drive shows 2TG used.  Little data on the source drive changes, most of the activity consists of new files.  What is going on here?  Please note the top folder (N360_BACKUP) contains two folders (and I'm not sure why two) folders on the target all of which were created by Norton.  Each of the two lower folders contain 16 folders labeled 0 thru F.  These contain individual files of some sort. 

The creation dates on the folders versus the files also makes no sense.  The folder created this year, but contains files created as much as 3 years ago.

If I stop the backup and delete the files will the backup now backup all the files on the source drive?  If not any ideas on what can be done to fix this?  I would all appreciate some better information on what Norton is doing, above and beyond that which they offer in their documentation.

Thanks in advance.