Backup Norton 360 App is aggressive on laptop processor

A general comment I am making here is about the manner of intermittent interruption to my
computer routine, coming from the Backup app/component of the Norton 360 suite.
A higher pitched whining whirr is audible when contankerous Mr/s Norton Back Up
comes 'round pushing its weight.
I'm not much of a fan of cloud storage. I prefer to use my own portable drives.
It is suggested maybe we could be simply given an option to choose back up as an added extra (free of course)
along with the other components of the Norton 360 subscription. But no. No happy endings while we are stuck with 
a para-psycological glitch in the form of an app within the Norton 360 app that can basically close down the whole suite of 
other security functions simply because we are busy with something and are not going to JUMP when Back-up says jump.
The Backup app in Norton 360 has inbuilt shutdown capability, that it will randomly attack subscribers computers with.
I find it hard to believe that Norton software corporation thinks this is totally okay to let ride.
I don't. If anyone else agrees. Please do add your comments.



Re: Backup Norton 360 App is aggressive on laptop processor

You can easily shut off the backup if you choose or schedule it to run at a time more convenient to you.


Re: Backup Norton 360 App is aggressive on laptop processor

There IS the option to choose your backup location in the backup settings. As xjoex posted if you prefer not to use backup its easily disabled in the main user interface settings. 

Manually scheduling backups: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKB7ewZFzwQ


Please review settings for backup location:


Step # 5

In the Backup Settings window, in the Where tab, under Destination select an alternate location.


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Re: Backup Norton 360 App is aggressive on laptop processor


duplicated in Soul Asylum's post.

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