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A Backup Question about Reminders

another issue with N360v2 on win xp SP2: I´ve changed the backup settings to MONTHLY, on the 28th at 20,00hours so I don´t get in trouble in februari and so on. Now I get a reminder at the 15th that i need to backup my files??? My guess would be that I only get that notification if it is the 29th and there was no backup made at the 28th of the month. but i did backup the files on the 28th and still get the message on the 15th of next month. this seems strange, did i miss any settings?

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Re: A Backup Question about Reminders

That is an interesting quirk!  I think the issue is this:

You have selected monthly backup.  However, Norton 360 judges the health of your system based on the last backup and will interpret your status as being "unhealthy" if you haven't run a successful backup in the last two weeks.

A simple solution would be to run backup more frequently (or just have N360 take care of it for you and run it at idle time unless you are backing up to CD/DVD)

I'm going to go talk to the backup developers now to make sure this doesn't happen in N360 v3.0.

Hope this helps,


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