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Backup v2 - tell me what I am doing wrong - I'm used to v1

Backup v2 - tell me what I am doing wrong - I'm used to v1

This is what I used to do with the Backup function in Norton 360 v1:

I wanted to backup by folder/file, not by file type. So I unchecked all the file "types" (pictures, financial files, Documents, Contacts, etc.) but left "Added Files and Folders" checked.

Then using "Add a file" and " Add a folder" I selected all the folders and files I wanted to backup. Every time I added something, it would show up in a list when I clicked "Added Files and Folders." If I wanted to remove a file or folder I would uncheck it in that list - and the next time I brought the list up it would be gone. Seemed very simple and straightforward.

So when I was done I had a neat list of all the files and folders that n360 was going to backup. And it was very easy to confirm that the files were backed up because when the backup finished, I could look at the backup drive and see all the backup copies of all the files and folders. Not only was that reassuring but useful if I wanted to take that backup drive and have the files available on another computer.

Now, I would love to know what I am doing wrong with Backup, v2, and why someone at Symantec thought is was necessary to change the program so much.

Nothing seems to work the same. I don't know what files are getting backed up at all. I always found the "categories" to be of no use so I unchecked them as above but I no longer can seem to add files and folders to the "Added Files and Folders".  There is no list to check as with v1. It seems as though it takes the contents of my selected folder and forces me to save the items under the "categories". So if I select a folder with pictures, but don't click the "pictures" checkbox then the pictures in my selected folder won't get backed up. Is this true??? Since there's no list that comes up I can't tell. And if I go ahead and click the "pictures" checkbox, then click on pictures I see all these pictures I don't want to backup. And it seems the only way I can remove those pictures is go through an endless directory tree and examine each folder and deselect each group of files. Plus these directory trees seem to show the same locations twice - Once under drive "C:" and then again under "Documents and Settings" What's up with that???

The promo for v2 listed this improvement to Backup:

Backup— Status indicators to show you which files are backed up and which are pending

where is that???

Finally, what I did is check all the darn checkboxes and live with the fact that I was backing up way more files than I needed. But when I did that, 360 took FOREVER to start up when booting. Removing the checkboxes sped things up again. Also it saved the files as unreadable machine language, not copies of the actual files and folders. Why did someone think that was better or more useful?

Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to remove files or folders once you've "selected" them. It just presents you with an endless maze of directory trees, making you manually go to each folder and click remove all.

Please, am I doing something wrong? Any advice?




Re: Backup v2 - tell me what I am doing wrong - I'm used to v1

Actually you can see the list of files and in v2 they are now shown with the familiar tree view on the left. This allows for easier navigation of finding those files you want and don't want.

To show the list of files that are going to be backed up, open the main Norton 360 window.

Click backup / manage backup menu item.

On the "Backup Settings" page, you can click any category to see the list of files that are going to be backed up, including ones that don't fit within a category.

Let me know if this answers your questions.


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