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bad customer support

i have wasted over 8 hours trying to buy additional cloud storage ... on one Chat talk, i told him that i needed 90Gb but only had 50Gb with my plan ... he didn't believe and i let him take over control of my computer and he started the backup only to run out of cloud storage space -- DUH! that is what i told him and i wasted an hour just there without any more help from him

Norton's text and video tutorials are wrong ... they show computer screens and links that don't match reality

just got off from Chatting ... after about 30 minutes, he told me that Norton did not sell extra cloud storage!!!

Terrible customer relations ... i have wasted over 14 hours in last two days and gotten one bad "answer" after another ... almost all of the Chat people were wrong and/or stopped responding


Accepted Solution

Re: bad customer support

I have asked for someone to look into your issue.

What Norton product are you using for the backup?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: bad customer support

i had Norton Security Deluxe and got an invite to upgrade to Norton 360 Deluxe ... that is what i am running on 3 laptops ... installed yesterday


Re: bad customer support

never mind ... i wasted over 30 hours on this ... Chat was useless ... just upgraded Microsoft Office 365 ... in includes 5Tb of free backup ... won't be using Norton Backup

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