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Bad support from 877-843-0603 for NAV

I needed help on fixing a problem with my Norton AV for Mac, which occurred because of a screw up during updating subscription, which failed mid-way and then Norton kept saying "in process" and would not update or do anything else - leaving me in a big bind. More over Norton never lists any numbers (other than those where you have to PAY an addl fee). I finally got my credit card company to give me the phone numbers - which gave 877-843-0603 as the number. When I called 877-843-0603, I believe I got some call center in India. They were arrogant, rude and most unhelpful. On three separate occasions, I got three completely different responses - none of which were even close to fixing my problem. One of them a rep was incredibly arrogant and even HUNG up on me! I managed to find out this place that Norton (Symantec) has outsourced to was called "yogi" something. The people answering were not even Syamtec! The last person DID manage to tell me that I needed to contact 800-721-3934 to get technical support for Mac. MOST disappointing. SHAME on Symantec for being ever-willing to make money off  subscriptions, but hiding behind some disappointing outfit for technical "support"!

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