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Based on the "backup" problems

After reading all the problems with Norton backup, it probably is redundant to even ask my question but anyway;

I want to know how to clear some of the stored backup so I do not have to buy more storage. I have determined that I have a lot of pictures that do not need to be backed up, nearly burned on to a CD instead. I do not need all my emails backed up either.

I have already deleted these from Norton backup so no more should go there.

22gb filled up fast.

If this can be accomplished, then respond otherwise I will keep Norton back up OFF and use my own external hard drive. I will also look else where for a program that will give me what I am paying for.

Thanking you in advance,

Milton Blackburn



Re: Based on the "backup" problems

Hello Milton

You have a couple of choices:

You can use the in product purge feature to delete specific content


If you want to start completely fresh remove the computer via Remove Computer. If you opt for this choice you will have to re-select your files and it will remove access to all prior backups associated to that computer.

The first option may take time to process since it combs through all past iterations of data. The second one is faster since its essentially purging everything regardless.

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