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This forum thread needs a solution.

Be Aware,I'm disguisted.

I have had big problems with Norton product Security 5 Deluxe.

I tried to get help on this forum,nothing,OK I will ring Norton for help.Bad idea,Google it, first one up,Online Norton Support,Guru Aid.Had to give them access to my laptop,OK I thought sounds like a genuine Norton advisor,I did ask the question.He is wizzing all through the files,here's your problem he said,do this and Norton will run fine.

First it will cost me £100.00,what I said,I have to pay more money,I asked again thought you said you worked for Norton,I need help.He wanted cash,so I put the phone down rang Apple he has installed a virus on my laptop now.So Norton what you have to say to me,this is disgusting.

To top it off Norton Security 5 Deluxe is still not working.