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Best Way to Upgrade from Norton Internet Security (NIS) to Norton Security

We currently have Norton Internet Security on our (ten) workstations.  The ten user license if about to expire.  Are there any advantages to using/upgrading to Norton Security vs. NIS?  Is the underlying engine different/better or is the primary difference updated definitions?

Assuming we go with Norton Security, should we remove the existing NIS software from the workstations first or just install Norton Security over NIS?  If NIS removal leads to a better experience, we're glad to do the extra work.

Thanks very much for your assistance with this.



Re: Best Way to Upgrade from Norton Internet Security (NIS) to Norton Security

Norton Internet Security is was not made for a work environment. It was made for home users. Norton Security is the same. Technically speaking you should be using Norton for small business or else Symantec Endpoint. 


I never do over the top installs cause something may happen. Simply put the Norton Security installer on a USB stick along with the Norton Uninstall Tool. Then make a notepad file with the key. Have all these on the USB stick. Uninstall your NIS and reboot. Run the Norton Uninstall tool and reboot. Install NS and insert the key. This is for home users. Since it is a work environment it is best to use Norton for small businesses. 


Re: Best Way to Upgrade from Norton Internet Security (NIS) to Norton Security


1. Norton Security vs. NIS

You may have a look at the below links:

(Note: "If you are currently using Norton Internet Security, you may also renew your subscription here or upgrade to Norton Security Deluxe.")

Meantime, you may contact Symantec Agents online@ https://www.symantec.com/small-business

2. Norton antivirus engine & definitions

You can pay a visit to Security Technology and Response (STAR) and Symantec SONAR here.

For more info, you may Chat with Norton Support.

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