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"Beta tester" issues

I'm moving this to its own thread for comments...

I've been a Norton customer since early DOS days. To the best of my recollection, this is the first hardware they've had. I think we early adopters ARE beta testers. It's almost as if they're learning the hardware business from scratch as opposed to being proactive and ready for this - even though the Core was announced and available for pre-order eight months prior to first shipments.

They seem to have not had returns well prepared, the stealthed ports issue is just wrong, IPV6 is needed, an Ethernet browser interface is needed, no static IP addresses is wrong, USB ports only for a printer makes no sense, customer support is questionable at best, it should be possible to stop broadcast of the SSID, etc.

Many of these functions are and have been available on other routers for years. On the other hand, it's possible that some of these issues are for security reasons but, if so, that needs to be clearly articulated so we all understand what's necessary and what can/needs to be fixed.

The reviews on Amazon are trending well, but the lack of browser interface, static IPs, poor customer support, USB ports for printers only, etc. are causing negative comments that are out there for everyone to read (unlike this Forum which most folks may not be aware of).

The good news is that when it works, it works very well within the limitations mentioned above.

We can only hope Norton is paying attention and fixes these issues (and others that will crop up) in a timely manner or the Core may not last long.

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Re: "Beta tester" issues

I too have been using Symantec/Norton products for years. I also agree we appear to be beta testers. I don't mind if they would just come clean about it and provide more frequent details about how it "should" work.


Re: "Beta tester" issues


Thank you for your feedback. We greatly appreciate it. We are reviewing all your suggestions, and have passed on your inputs to the concerned teams. Thank you. 


Gayathri R | Norton Forums Global Community Administrator | Symantec Corporation

Re: "Beta tester" issues

Same here. I remember Norton Anti-Virus Diskettes with labels of a guy (Norton?) with glasses wearing a plaid shirt with his arms folded! 

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Re: "Beta tester" issues


Same here. I remember Norton Anti-Virus Diskettes with labels of a guy (Norton?) with glasses wearing a plaid shirt with his arms folded! 

Yup - that was a picture of Peter Norton all right...

Peter (IMHO,) is definitely one of the "good guy" heroes of the early days of micro-computing...

Here's an image of him on one of those early-day NAV boxes (wearing just a plain shirt, though ):

Back in the 80's, Peter (sometimes some of his associates too,) would show up at our various SoCal micro-computer user's group meetings. Truly a Great Guy!

If interested, here's a Wikipedia link to more info about Peter...



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