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Better support for subdomains

This is more of an enhancement request which the support team seem unable to accept and redirected me here.

The concept is simple and seems to address several other threads on subdomains for Identity Safe (IS).

In the IS config window, there are currently 3 checkbox options. Require Vault Password; Auto-fill; and Auto-Submit.

I propose a 4th checkbox "Use FQDN".  This will isolate username and passwords based on the complete FQDN vs. the Domain only portion IS does now.  I propose the checkbox be unchecked for backwards compatibility but it will resolve the issue where IS gets confused and minimize having multiple entries for one domain.



Re: Better support for subdomains

Firstly - "Great idea" !!!  

Secondly - Just so you know, this post will most likely get moved to the Product Suggestions forum by the mods ... So if you come back and are unable to find it, try looking for it in:


Thirdly - Believe it not, it actually used to work this way (sans your "great, BTW" suggestion of a mode selection check-box). But that went away when the early online vault versions of IDSafe came about (the curtailment presumably done to help conserve on required cloud storage space - but I'm just guessing on that).

Back in those days we used to also get to choose whether we wanted a cloud anchored vault or just a localized (on system) vault - or both. The choice option to create a local vault went away not long after the stored domain curtailment was imposed - also during the advent of the cloud vault IDSafe development era.

FWIW, The current IDSafe will still access and utilize a localized vault if it detects one - but there's not been a localized creation ability for a long time now - and the abbreviated domain issue has been a throne in my side for an equally long period of time (I work with a lot of .gov websites adversely affected "IDSafe-wise" by the curtailment decision) ...


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