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Black November Update

Ok, I received the November sale $29.99 boxed version of NS v22 from Newegg. It has two (2) codes on the bottom of the box. One is the store Bar Code and the other is the product UPC code. The box did not contain a disk, only a credit card sized card that had the new key code on the back. I had previously downloaded the trial version, so all I did was enter the key code under "help" and "enter key code". The product immediately updated to 366 days remaining. (I ordered the product from Newegg on Saturday and they shipped it Monday.) I did not lose any days from the year subscription. Then the fun began....

I contacted Norton chat and asked to add the 144 days from my NIS v21 to my present account. It got ugly. He wanted me to update my billing information in my account first. I went there and in order to add an address, you had to give them a credit card. I told him I wasn't going to do that. I asked why they needed it. He said for security to verify he was updating the right account. They also wanted my telephone number which wasn't on my account so I did add that. He was still insistent that I fill in my billing address. I told him to check and see if a telephone number was added to my account information. He said he saw it so I told him it had to be my account or I wouldn't have been able to edit it. After I told him to escalate this, he finally agreed to add the days without any further action on my part. He added 150 days so my subscription now says 516 days remaining.

I then entered my account and under 'services', I went to download, and then to 'add another device'. I put my wife's email address in the box and it sent an email to her PC. I just opened it and clicked on the update link and it downloaded the new NS v22 to her PC showing 516 days remaining (installed over the old v21). I ran updates and did a scan and everything seems to be working fine on both computers. I have not tried to install on my android phones yet.

So far, I do not have a shutdown lag. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I hope this helps any others that have a question on installs. And again, I think what people are seeing as two bar codes on the box are a store bar code and a UPC code. (Maybe Walmart has more on their boxes?)