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This forum thread needs a solution.

Blacklist status review: orangejumpsuitguys.com

HI guys!

I couldn't verify the site using the normal way, the HTML file is in. Could you please review the blacklist status of this domain?

Domain: orangejumpsuitguys.com

The site has been cleared by sucuri.net



Re: Blacklist status review: orangejumpsuitguys.com

Hello Sucuri

I will do my usual thing. Please check back here late Wed. night EDT Please mark the threads that were solved by picking 1 post which solved them.


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Re: Blacklist status review: orangejumpsuitguys.com

Hi Sucuri Cleanups 2

The html page for verification returns a 404 for this domain 'orangejumpsuitguys.com'. Could you give us the correct html link or paste the verification code as plain text in your website?


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