Blank order history

Hi there, I was just wondering if any of you have also had this issue, I've had Norton 360 since 2017 - never had any issues, I have standard which only covers one device and wanted to install it onto my new laptop BUT going into my account my order history is blank, I've only ever used one email with it but it says my key product is linked to another account - has anyone else had this issue?

sorry if this is a frequently asked question


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Re: Blank order history

Have you ever purchased your Norton directly from Norton? That is the only purchases that will show up in the Order History. 

If you want to remove the activation to allow for the new device, log into your Norton Account using your new device, and click on the user icon at the top right and then click on Manage my Subscriptions. Then find your current subscription and click on Manage Licenses. You should see your old device listed there. Click on the trash can beside that to free up the activation for your new device. 

While still logged in, click on Download by the current subscription and follow the instructions to install on the new device.

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