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Blinking lower part of the screen (under the taskbar area)

Yesterday my laptop got infected with a virus. My Norton Antivirus didn't detect any threats when i ran the system full scan. However my norton  got disabled shortly after that, by the virus (though I still have 90 days of subscription left). Norton Live update is no longer opening. I get warnings that my definitions are outdated and that norton faced an internal error.


I get an annoying flashing in the area near the taskbar every 3 to 4 seconds, This flashing is basically a reflection of the upper part of the screen. I am using windows 7. My problem is similar to that posted by another person on the following link:


 Note: even when the computer is rebooting (before logging in) the lower strip of the screen is blinking.

Why am I getting this? How can I fix it? Are their virus definitons or tools to eliminate this virus? thanks



Re: Blinking lower part of the screen (under the taskbar area)

The best thing for you to do is to sign on to one of these free malware removal forums to have your infection properly identified and safely removed.  Bleeping is very busy and the wait long.  I would recommend one of the others.





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Re: Blinking lower part of the screen (under the taskbar area)


After you get the infection removed you really ought to update your version of NAV, which is 2009, to the current 2011 since you can do that free of charge, as long as your subscription to 2009 is still valid, by downloading the installation file. Come back and we can give you a direct download for a single installation file of the latest version.

The current version is much lighter footed than earlier ones and is built to be compatible with Windows 7 -- are you using the 32 bit version or the 64 bit version of Windows? (System Information -- WINKEY + Pause keys -- will say so if it is 64 bit).

When your subscription runs out you perhaps should think about going to Norton Internet Security since it gives more protection.


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